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 Terms of Service

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PostSubject: Terms of Service   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:59 pm

Since some members haven't seen the Terms of Service on the main site yet, it will be posted here for reference.

The Constitution of the Royal Empires League United

By the privileges that were bestowed upon us by Ensemble Studios, the community and social network which currently exists within http://relforum.forumn.org/forum.htm hereby proclaim the clan of the Royal Empires League United. The purpose of such a union is to preserve and maintain the art of interactive entertainment through exchanges of ideas and values via the basic outline of our communications headquarters. This document will outline the rights and removable privileges of the members of this union, in a manner closely related to the privacy policies and terms of services provided with similar networks, but different in such a manner as to use a highly expanded vocabulary and a longer process time for comprehension and context. This item can be found on both the Royal Empires League Forum and the official Royal Empires League Home Page. It will be viewable to both the members of the clan and to those who have yet to join. Not only shall it describe the rights and restraints of the people, it shall serve as a Constitution to those who question our commands.

The messages posted are under the complete regard, care, and responsibility of the author. However, some measures will be taken by the administrators and moderators of the community. They have the final say in everything.

The Royal Empires League Forum will not sell, claim ownership of, give up, or in any other sense release your personal information posted on to your profile, including your e-mail address, to any third-party company, or any other company to which the forum is sponsored by.

The Royal Empires League Forum administrators and staff have the right to edit, modify, and censor any posts, public or private, in order to maintain the terms of service and the distribution of order amongst the community members, as well as to provide community members with a safe environment in which to exchange thoughts and ideas.

The Royal Empires League administration will not subject their members through public humiliation by displaying a member's warnings under their user-name in posts, as other members may discriminate against an accused member who went through an arguably unfair trial. A member's warning count will, however, be displayed on the member profile.

No post, public or private, or username, shall contain profane, vulgar, or hateful language. The author’s use of asterisks(*) to censor his/her own post will not compensate for the use of language. Any bypassing of REL Forum’s automatic language filter will be admitted to the administration as a violation of the terms of service. Profane language will be dealt with quickly, decisively, and aggressively, and could result in banishment. The definition of “profane” and “offensive” is always in constant debate, it is simply a part of society. However, matters of use of language will never be debated with the accused, and will only be argued by the administration, unless a live hearing is called forth by the administration, in which a vote must always be unanimous.

No post, public or private, shall contain offensive content that is ethnically, religiously, politically, sexually, or racially offensive in nature. This includes offensive content within text (including ASCII), images, or any other visual content. Posting of discussions of suicide or any other crime is also not allowed. Any doing so shall be met with action by the administration team.

Multiple accounts created by a user will not be tolerated, particularly in the case of impersonation. If a user has lost information to an account, an email may be sent to REL’s support network. Any violation of this rule can be retaliated with the banishment of all accounts.

Harassment is a violation of the terms of service. The definition of “harassment” is the sole responsibility of the administration team. The Communications Decency Act of 1996 makes online harassment illegal, and an actual court case will not have the REL administration team to testify in the event that a member has been accused of a violation of such act. Any constant messages to a member of the community, even if it is due to a lack of response, will be considered harassment. A report of harassment from a member will be met with by the highest regard and sincerity, as well as investigation.

We ask that all authors post in English only. This is mainly because REL Forum is moderated by English-speakers, who may coincidentally speak other languages. Swearing in other languages will not be tolerated, and the administration team will obviously have access to translation tools. “L33t”, “chat-speak” and “pig-latin”, as well as other English abbreviations and made-up languages will not be encouraged. However, posting in other languages will not result in banishment, although possibly a warning, unless passed differently by the administration team.

Some topics are simply not allowed and can be locked at any time by moderators and administrators for the sole reason that they are naturally controversial. This may be due to politics, religious beliefs, and other social reasons.

Copyright infringed material is illegal to distribute over the Internet due to the International Internet Act of 1997, and is not supported under the REL community. Any pictures and text must be owned by the authors, and that any copyrighted material has given full permission for distribution.

Drawing unnecessary and excessive attention in topics, including “farewell” and “delete my account” topics, as well as "THIS IS MY 100TH POST" topics and similar topics is not supported and against the rules. An email may be sent to the administration team requesting to delete an account. Misleading topic names, including titles with excessive punctuation and capitalization, will be dealt with accordingly.

A member may not be allowed to correct another member’s behavior in forums. The “report” feature may be used to anonymously report a member, and only the administration team and moderators may start a correction, even if the accused member has the best of intentions. If a topic continues to be publicized without moderation, it does not violate the terms of service.

In order for a moderator or administrator to be removed from office, an administrator must send a message of impeachment to the Community Manager, and afterwards a vote will be held by the entire administration team (with the exception of the default "Admin" account) to decide whether or not the moderator or administrator should be demoted, banned, or remain in office.

Any officer can apply for a role as a leader of a division (clan). As a requirement for being the leader of a division, a monthly report must be made on the first day of each month, totaling twelve reports per year. Every division leader will be required to fill out a detailed report on the status of the branch they run, including how many members they have, the rate at which they gain new members, the rate at which they lose new members, and how many members are joining the forums. They must also include a list of who is doing the recruiting, how the recruiting is being done, how often recruiting is taken place, and any promotions they're giving out. These reports are to provide the administration team an idea of how each branch is doing. There is no immediate penalty for failing to file a report, or filing the report late.

Posting the same topic on more than one board is not allowed. The REL community does not have many topics, and an author’s topic will most likely be seen. Cross-posting should be dealt with by moderators and/or the administration team.

Advertising websites and other companies will only be supported in signatures, and the terms of service still apply. Private messages made for the use of advertising will be considered spam.

Author’s must check to make sure that their inquiry is not already answered by a sticky or official thread. Any topic that has already been discussed by an official thread has the right to be locked by moderators or the administration team.

Last edited by Keevan 0 on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:30 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Changes made to ToS, ratified by admins)
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Terms of Service
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