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 Battlefield: Bad Company impressions

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PostSubject: Battlefield: Bad Company impressions   Sat May 23, 2009 8:10 pm

Here, in a nutshell, is irony for you: when DICE made the original Battlefield: Bad Company, which EA published last year, they made a big deal about how the game was the first in the Battlefield series to be developed as a single-player game. Sure, it had multiplayer, but its centerpiece was a story-driven single-player mode.

So when EA and DICE showed off the game’s sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, at a recent event at EA’s Los Angeles offices, what did they show? Only the multiplayer.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Though this might not be as ironic as it sounds, since, as we gleaned from some things one of the DICE dudes told us, it seems like they’re beefing up the multiplayer this time around, though not (thankfully) at the expense of single player.

The set-up of the game, both single- and multiplayer, concerns a Russian invasion of Alaska (and you can insert your own Sarah Palin joke here). For multiplayer, this not only informs the teams, obviously, but the maps they’ll be including as well. Though not, from what we can tell, the modes. Bad Co. 2 will come with three multiplayer modes installed: Rush, which is exactly like the Gold Rush mode in the last game, only not as shiny, and DICE’s usual Conquest mode. There’s also a third mode, but they didn’t say what it was, how it would work, or whether it would be continent on the Russian invasion storyline (we’re hoping it has us rescuing smoky Russian babes who talk like Countess Alexandrovna from Woody Allen’s Love & Death).

Each match will also incorporate teams of twelve-on-twelve, sort of. Each team is actually broken up into four-person squads, who are encouraged to work together. You’ll actually get Squad Points for reviving a squadmate, or giving them ammo when they need it. At the end of the match, you not only see which team won, but which squad worked best together. Even cooler, you can now not only spawn back from the dead at your base or other captured spot, but next to a squadmate, which will get you back in the action a lot quicker.

Otherwise, Bad Company 2 is a lot like the original, and other games in this series. There are plenty of vehicles to command, the controls are classic FPS style, the environments are fully destructible (though you can now take destroy a whole building, not just its walls), though, conversely, cover objects can now be chipped away at, instead of being destroyed outright.

All of which worked well, as far as we could tell from our brief stint playing “Rush.” Still, for this game, we have to reserve judgment until we get our hands on the single-player mode, which will happen on the 360, PS3, and PC early next year.

Read more: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/695832/Battlefield-Bad-Company-2Impressions.html#readmore#ixzz0GMUzkkKQ&B

As new games release their next-generation multiplayer features, new opportunities for the clan emerge. But how can we keep track of it all? I wonder.........if only there was an epic gaming event coming up.....well, too bad.
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Battlefield: Bad Company impressions
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