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 OTTOMAN: cav rush

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PostSubject: OTTOMAN: cav rush   Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:56 pm

ok this is a strat that is completely new to me and i havnt got up to the fastest that i can yet so here goes:

have basicaly the same deck as the jannisary rush, but instead of janns and other units liekwise have HUSSARS, and have all the spahi that you can in the deck, and mamaelukes are a good adition but arnt esential, my strat is a ff so that is how i will rite it.

1. have the same gatherering as the janisarie strat,1 crate person only, all food till age, send 3 vills
2. once you age have the same gathereing again as the janns spam strat, but 1 more food and 1 less gold if you want, depending on wta you have most of, sned 700 food or gold, thn after u send BOTH of those either send 5 janns or wait till u age and sned 5 hussars
3. ASAP build houses as you wnat them, and build 1 or 2 stables, and only get hussars wen you can get groups of 5, continue sendin cards, 4 and three hussars, then once you think you have a big enough army atak, i cant say wat a big enough army is because imm not used to cav yet.
4. send spahi and mams at your own wish, and i wuld advise sendin 100 gold to.
5. remember to upgrade ur hussars

this is really all it is for now thnx, tom
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OTTOMAN: cav rush
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