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 Yumi Ashigaru Strike

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PostSubject: Yumi Ashigaru Strike   Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:42 pm


This will work most of the time except when your opponent has spammed lots of cavalry. I mean lots. So much that your ashigarus wont do much. No Joke intented.


These are just some of the cards you'll need to use for your deck. Yes, you do have to have a level 40 home city, but it's worth it. The rest you can choose do suit your style of play. {The recommened ones}


2 villagers x 2
Team Chonindo

Cherry Blossom Festival


5 Yumi Archers x 2
5 Ashigaru Musketeers x 2
Onin War
11 Sohei Allies x 2
2 Cherry Rickshaws x 2

Yumi Attack
Ashigaru Attack


9 Yumi Archers x 2
8 Ashigaru Musketeers x 2
2 Flaming Arrows x 2

Textile Mill
Royal Mint
TEAM 2 Castle Rickshaws
Way Of The Bow { Yumi Archer Upgrade }
5 Naginata Riders x 2


14 Ashigaru Musketeers x 2
8 Naginata Riders x 2
4 Flaming Arrows x 2
4 Mortarus x 2
TEAM Cheaper Unit Upgrades

Wow that was long...



Set Up Cherry Orchard, Unpack crates with 1 villager, rest to Cherry Orchard.

Queue 4 villagers which will go to Orchard, 1 Monk to explore, the other to build however many shrines you got with starting wood.

The villager on crates to orchard, 1st card { 2 villagers }

Then 3 things can happen...

1. On map with alot of food start crates, you will reach 800 food before 2 villagers send. ANSWER: Put the TC waypoint to orchard and get two villagers from orchard to start building TORII GATES. When the two villagers arrive start queing up villagers which will go to wonder. You should get 2nd shipment around now, so save it. Put Wonder Villagers on wood/gold depending on what you intend to spam and change tc waypoint to the resource that your Wonder Villagers went to.

2. Your two villagers will arrive on perfect timing { As you collect 800 food } and you use those two villagers to build ... TORII GATES! Wow woulda never guessed that... Que villagers on wonder and you should get 2nd shipment soon. Save it. Like before Wonder villes go to what resources you need so you can spam intended troops and tc waypoint where wonder villagers went.

3. 2 villagers will arrive before you get 800 food. Put these on the resource you need so you can spam intended troops. When you reach 800 food get ur two villagers and build... TORII GATES! lol! Same as before, Que villagers to wonder. 2nd shipment arrives. Save it. When wonder builds, put villagers on the resource needed to spam intended troops, Tc waypoint goes there too.


Use your Milatary Rickshaw to build a barracks. 2nd Shipment{ 5 Yumis/ Ashigarus}
Depending on what you will spam. Pur Your Samurai in to Group 1.

When barracks has built, get as many ashigarus/ yumis as you can afford. Also the villager rack you've got only queue up to 10 villagers on to a resource at the time.

When your yumis / ashigarus have sent you should have your 3rd shipment: {5 Yumi/ Ashigaru} keep spaming those men out.When you have around 25 or more men, you will almost be ready to attack. Get your monks to scout enemy base. If you have made wrong choice of men... YOU SHOULD HAVE SCOUTED THAT EARLIER! Thats why your 4th card will either be:{ 5 yumi archers} OR {5 Ashigaru Muskteers}

Your villagers rack should be empty now so start queing 10 villagers on your non spammed resource. {You know.. the one that you have hardly any of.}


4 Possible outcomes:

1. It Fails.............................


Regroup your men with the type that are good against what he spammed this will hopefuly of worked.
If not he will kill you and your base because your economy has been wasted away by spamming of troops.

2. You kill each other off. This happened to me in a 1v1 game. This strat vs a dopplesonlders, Xbows and uhlans battle. He eventually got the better of me, went to fortress and finished me. Try not to draw unless you go to fortress and send troops ASAP. If not double barrack spam fast my friend.

3. You get the better of him. Now reinforce the matter by sending more troops OR going to fortress and sending 2 flaming arrows which is like a 2 falconet card. You know how useful that is.

4. You get the better of him... But he escapes. This can be a dangerous one in team games because he can recover and repel you with the partners help. So what do you do? It really depends. If the partner has FFed, don't follow up. Go to fortress as well as your partners should. Then to a double attack . If its a 1v1 match. If you destroy enough eco he should resign or hide. HUNT HIM. Dont give him space. Thats where you make mistakes. Hunt him with and army or when you go fortress age with GREAT BUDDHA. Then See him out. AHAHAHA. lolz.

Happy Japanese Playing All
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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Ashigaru Strike   Fri Jan 11, 2008 2:59 am

cool like it it always works with me and tom
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Yumi Ashigaru Strike
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